Nikole Cooney

Artist Statement

My work is a collection of imagery and/or objects assembled to convey a concept which parallels the human condition. Experiences and observations are spoke of through metaphors, symbolism, and collage. These arrangements, either by painting or sculpting, allow me to see every object as a potential vessel to convey meaning. This results in a work that is somewhat surreal in nature allowing for a wide range of interpretation. Each piece may have layers of meaning to me personally. My intent is to provoke wonder, and present something that is intellectually and emotionally stimulating.

My most recent works involve constructs of wood assembled with found objects and sculpted pieces. These constructs may also be painted on. I have found that combining these methods and materials keeps the work fresh and constantly evolving. The current work also questions opposing spaces, moments in time, planes, and so on. It is my aspiration that you are able to relate to the work but also loose yourself in the process.

Thank you & God Bless,

Nikole Cooney